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Oral History

Oral history and historical presentations

A connection to the past

These oral history and historical presentation videos capture unique perspectives on historical events, cultural movements, and significant moments. They provide a human connection to the past, preserving diverse experiences for future generations.


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Watch speaker, Lance Geiger “The History Guy” talk about the Mexican P-47 squadron that served in the Pacific. 

Japanese Balloons in Michigan During World War II:

Watch speaker, Michael Unsworth share how Michigan was threatened by Japanese balloons during World War II.

The Ford Tri-Motor

Tri-Motor pilot, Cody Welch, describes in detail the history of the Museum’s Tri-Motor complete with photographs and a question/answer session.

Exploring the history of TOPGUN

Join us for an interactive presentation exploring the history of TOPGUN by Dr. Mike Barger.


A Political History of Project Apollo is a new book about the Apollo program by Dr. Teasel Muir-Harmony, curator at the National Air and Space Museum.

Lt. Elsie Ott’s Top Secret Mission:

The Pioneer WWII Flight Nurse Behind Aeromedical Evacuation (MEDEVAC).  Watch the latest Virtual History Night with Author Jeffrey S. Copeland,


Museum docent Barry Levine will provide an overview of the B-52 and its role in aviation history, and background on how the Museum obtained it. 


Click on the videos below to view each oral history interview.

Alexander Jefferson a retired Lt.Col that belonged to the famed Tuskegee Airmen.

John Foreman

Doutly, Clara Belle

Mario Montressor was born in November, 1921 in Seminole PA. He served in the United States 8th Air Force, 491st BG, 852 BS (B24), as a radio operator, flying from Metfield England during World War II.

Kurt Kersten was born in October, 1923 in Highland Park MI. He served in the United States 8th Air Force, 446th BG, 704th BS (B24), as a navigator, flying from Bungay England during World War II

Liz Wind was the TOOL LEDGER CLERK, keeping records for the US government in a large book. She never knew what those books were for and where the records were sent but she was diligent about recording the tools used by Ford Highland Park!

This is the Oral History Interview of Marshall Keller. He was born in January, 1922 in New York City, NY. He served in the United States Army 7th Air Force, 494th BG, 867th BS (B24), as a bombardier, in the South Pacific during World War II.

This is an Oral History interview with Rosemary Keefe, who worked during World War

This is the Oral History of Robert Mellinger, Corporal in the US Army Infantry from Dec 1950 -Nov 1953. He participated in combat operations throughout North and South Korea.

Lucille Grewe worked at the Conner Avenue Plant in Detroit Michigan from 1941-45. She was a Riveter on Boeing B-17 Wings.

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